RIFTS: Machinations Of Doom


All copies signed by Ramón Pérez.

A beautiful self-contained adventure that lovers of films like ALIENS and MAD MAX will enjoy! Originally serialized in eight chapters in THE RIFTER™ issue 6-14 from Palladium Books® in 1999-2000. Machinations Of Doom is the first original graphic novel written and drawn by Ramón Pérez and set in the world of RIFTS®. Collected in 2007 this edition was put together from new high-res scans of the original artwork along with brand new art showcasing all the characters, along with re-lettered pages for clearer continuity and clarity.

Enjoy this fun adventure, a 3.5/5 on Good Reads, and see the culmination of Ramón Pérez’ time at not only at Palladium Books® but in RPG illustration as well.


A sketch (as either artists choice or as a custom request) can be added to this edition of the book. Inked art can either be done in book, or as a tip-in-plate – which is done on a loose piece of 9 x 12 in. archival bristol. If chosen, please allow 6-8 weeks for processing, as all sketches are put in a queue and drawn by the artist outside their normal work schedule.

While each book comes signed, you can add an original Ink sketch by writer and artist Ramón Pérez to your book purchase.

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Graphic Novel & Sourcebook

There has never been anything like it in role-playing. A graphic novel that is the introduction to a new crisis and numerous adventures for a Rifts® sourcebook.

The graphic novel is a 72 page, black and white tour de force by fan-favorite artist, Ramon Perez. The comic originally appeared serialized in the pages of The Rifter® and, due to popular demand, has been collected for the first time, cleaned up, re-lettered and tweaked to make it better than ever.

The game section picks up where the comic strip leaves off, providing numerous adventure ideas and one potentially catastrophic scenario that could reshape life in North America – perhaps the world. Plus, game stats for all the heroes, villains, monsters and characters in the comic strip.

Machinations of Doom™ is an epic story with new source material that reveals a dark plot that threatens to shake the foundation of magic on Rifts Earth. The Machinations are those of Doctor Desmond Bradford, the Doomed could be the Federation of Magic.

  • 72 page comic/graphic novel.
  • 43 pages of gaming source material.
  • Dozens of adventure ideas and character stats.
  • Game section written by Kevin Siembieda and Julius Rosenstein.
  • Plus pinups, concept sketches, and wrap-around, color cover by Ramon Perez.
  • 128 pages.

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RIFTS: Machinations Of Doom


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128 pages, Black & White




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